Symposium Audio-Visual Provider: StageFront

The Coastal Empire Chapter selected StageFront Productions of Savannah as the audio-visual service provider for the 2018 Symposium.  


We wanted attendees to have a superlative experience and we view quality of the audio – visual service being a prime enabler. We did this with StageFront’s use of the Roland V-800HD Video Switch upstream of the projectors.  This switch auto-converts and scales its various inputs to provide a stable video output to the projectors.  

Downstream from this board, video was displayed by two Christie Roadster HD14K-M 1080p HD 3DLP Projectors on to two 16’x9’ screens. These are rated at 14,000 lumens so the output should be bright as well as crisp. 


Audio was mixed with a separate board and routed to 2 stand-mounted speakers along the front of the ballroom.  This equipment was operated full time by one video and one audio engineer.

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