Gulfstream Facility Tours

Tour Information

Registration Has Ended

There were 50 available spots for the Gulfstream  Flight Test, Labs and Assembly tour on Friday October 12 during the  49th International SFTE Symposium in Savannah, GA. All spots have been taken!


G500 Gulfstream Laboratories

Testing/Case Labs

The Gulfstream G650


Taking Flight: The G500

Flight Test

Tour Agenda

8:00 AM:

Pick up at The DeSoto Savannah 

Transport to Gulfstream Flight Test 


8:30 AM:

Badging & Tour of Flight Test 


9:30 AM: 

Transport to Research & Development Center III 

9:45 AM:

Tour of Research & Development Center III


10:45 AM:

Transport to Production at Building Z


11:00 AM:

Tour of Production line at Building Z 


~12:00 PM:

Transport to Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport 

Transport to The DeSoto Savannah